Stomach Flu

Managing Stomach Flu with Food and Drink

Managing Stomach Flu with Food and Drink (2)

Depressing statistics indicate that close to 75% of any population is susceptible to stomach flu because of exposure to causative factors.

Once the viruses attack the gastrointestinal system, the victim begins to experience various symptoms including diarrhea, fever, sore muscles, headache, nausea and vomiting.

Recent studies have established that food and drink offers one of the most effective remedies against stomach flu. Apart from remedying the condition, the nutrition solution also helps to limit the risk of infection.

The following are some of the recommended food solutions for managing gastroenteritis.

1. The Rice Water Remedy

Rice water is known for stopping diarrhea in children more effectively than many conventional remedies.

According to medical experts, rice water has a high concentration of electrolytes, which are crucial in reversing the severity of stomach flu symptoms.

Rice water should be strained and cooled before sipping at regular intervals until the symptoms begin to abate. The patient could eat a banana or a pudding consisting of avocados, watermelons, pawpaws, and pineapples as they sip the rice water.

Most or all of the symptoms should be in remission within a few hours of applying this remedy.

2. Proteins from Lean Meats

Naturally, a stomach flu patient looses a lot of energy because of vomiting, sweating, and diarrhea.

Many patients often lose appetite and their digestive systems become intolerant to most diseases.

However, tests have shown that such patients can digest a selection of proteins from lean meats without incurring high levels of discomfort. White meat without skin ranks highly on the doctor’s recommended foods for mild and severe cases of stomach flu.

Among the specific foods include turkey, flank steak, tenderloin, rump roast, and pork.

These foods are known to replenish energy and nutrients lost through the various symptoms of the condition.

3. Plain, unsweetened Yogurt

Managing Stomach Flu with Food and Drink (1)Yogurt remains one of the most effective remedies for stomach flu.

Other dairy products may not be appropriate for people suffering from gastroenteritis because they tend to escalate the symptoms.

However, yogurt is recommended because it contains live bacteria known as probiotics, which is crucial for balancing the digestive system.

However, the medics insist on using plain, unsweetened yogurt and not any other type. The ingredients in sweetened yogurt can irritate the stomach and cause the multiplication of the virus.

Therefore, the doctors recommend natural yogurt and a balanced diet consisting of food without spices are the most effective ways of managing the symptoms of stomach flu.

When these remedies are applied correctly, the symptoms should be in remission within a few days.