Nerve Pain In Hands

wrinkled hand

Common causes that lead to hand and wrist nerve injury are the wrist, hand, or finger being cut, crushed, overstretched, or burned. Such incidents can result from an accident, falls, and work injuries among many other possibilities. The problem is so much common with a good number of individuals suffering from it. Awareness of nerve related problems is not quite high, meaning that many people may even experience the problem on a temporary basis without knowing what it is.

Common symptoms of hand nerve damage

Difficulty to operate the hand

Motor and sensory functions are affected by handinjury to nerves in the wrist and hand. This means that whenever you have trouble in moving your hands as you desire, you might be having some nerve damage. The extent of nerve damage will determine how difficult it will be to move your fingers or hands. It can be as mild as just feeling weak or severe as paralysis where your hand becomes completely numb.

Unexplained pain

Another common symptom of nerve damage in hand is experiencing pain, without seeing any cause of the pain. The pain might be a feeling of burning, freezing, tingling, or being prickled. You might also experience extreme sensitivity or twitching, especially in the fingers. The pain might be temporary or permanent depending on the cause.

Pinched or compressed wrist

You can also tell if you have nerve damage by merely examining your hands physically. If you notice involuntary clenching, or compressed or pinched wrist similar to that of carpal tunnel syndrome, the chances are high that you might be suffering from nerve damage in hand.

Treatment for hand nerve damage

Fixing nerve damage is usually a bit challenging, and may even require surgical procedures to regain normal function. However, there is a variety of treatments that can be used to alleviate the symptoms related to it. Your pharmacist will give you guidance as to the best medication or combination that you can use depending on your specific case. Some of the leading treatments are highlighted below.

Nerve Renew

Nerve Renew is a unique formulation that comes in the form of capsules. Nerve Renew consists a blend of ingredients known to take care of all the nerve related pain and hasten recovery by regenerating nerves.


Physical therapy can also be quite effective in dealing with nerve damage. Your therapist will recommend a couple of exercises to be done routinely. Remember to include adequate rest and appropriate diet in the routine.