Tips When Shopping for the Perfect Boxing Head Gear

amateur boxing

One of the striking differences between amateur and professional boxing is the wearing of headgears. In 1984, the use of headgears was made mandatory in amateur boxing. Until this date, headgears are prohibited in professional boxing for many reasons other than the safety benefits that it can give to boxers.

Headgears are mandatory in amateur boxing because of its safety advantages. They reduce cuts in the head by 90% while injury to the earlobe by 100%. With their safety features, headgears are recommended for sparring activities prior to boxing matches whether by amateur or professional boxers.

For professional boxers, the use of headgears during sparring will eliminate untoward accidents before their boxing match. Headgears are also used in mixed martial arts.

Here are some useful guides when shopping for the perfect headgear to give you maximum safety and comfort.

Head Measurements Differ

headgear Even identical twins do not have the same head measurement. Each one of us has different head measurement so buying your own headgear that will give you the perfect fit is a must.

While the circumference of the head may be the same with two boxers, the structure of bones may not actually be the same in all the areas of the head. This will mean that the same headgear will not give the same comfort to two boxers with the same head circumference.

The Perfect Fit

The perfect fit should not be loose but should cradle the head snugly. The boxer should not have a feeling of being compressed in all sides of his head. Movement at the neck region should be free and not obstructed by the headgear.

The boxer should be comfortable with the use of his headgear in no time. The headgear should not weigh very heavy to cause uneasiness when wearing it.

Superior Design

Unique designs of a headgear may give additional comfort to its user. A perfect headgear should give the boxer maximum visibility. A cheek protector to secure your facial structures from injury is a requirement for a sparring and boxing headgear.

With an adjustable head strap, the headgear is prevented from falling or being displaced during heavy contact. It provides the final finish of a comfortable and perfect fit headgear.

Durable Materials

young boxerAs they are made to as protective gears, headgears should be able to withstand the strongest of impacts. Durable headgears should last many sparring and boxing matches. Investing in quality headgears will mean saving on money and preventing accidental cuts during bouts.

While the use of boxing headgears in competitive boxing is still an issue, its use in sparring exercises will always be beneficial as it will prevent accidental injuries to boxers before their competition.